NT Sim Lab

The NT Simulated Learning Environment (NT Sim Lab) is situated at Royal Darwin Hospital in Building 4 above the Library. It is available for all health professionals and students to practice scenarios and clinical skills in a safe learning environment.

The period of December and January is looking quiet for the facility and I am sending you a reminder to let you know that if you are interested in using the space for your education sessions, please get in touch. John Bauert and Tim Wallace, our Simulation Technicians, are also available to support any of your education sessions in the hospital/on site if you require.

The online calendar and booking form for the NT Sim Lab is available below. If you also need the adjoining Walker Room for presentations, please indicate on your booking form and I will confirm availability.


For those who have yet to visit the facility, please find a link to the Information Pack below and feel free to make a time to come by and have a tour.


We are looking to arrange a Planning Day for Simulation to develop priorities around courses delivered as well as a locally driven teacher training event and will be seeking your input in due course.