NHET-Sim Workshops

When: 26th & 27th of Sept 2013 C2, S5 & S6 Modules & 17th & 18th Oct 2013 C2, S2 & S4 Modules
Where: Royal Darwin Hospital, 1st Floor, Yellow Wing, Building 4 (above library)


  • It is being run by National Health Education and Training in Simulation (NHET-Sim) who are hosting these courses across Australia and is free (as funded by Health Workforce Australia)
  • Facilitators include Debra Nestel, Simulation Australia Director;  Naomi Morick, Clinical Nurse Educator at Alice SpringsHospital; Tom Hallahan, Simulation Instructor at Epworth Health Centre and others
  • They can take a maximum of 25 learners per course
  • They ran courses in May and June and these were very popular. The course is a mix of theory and a lot of hands on practice with online pre-reading.
  • There are two, 2 day courses to choose from. You can attend one or both days (both days are preferable as one day feeds into the next). If you would like to attend both the September and October courses, you need only attend on Day 2 in October.


Thursday 26th & Friday 27th September
9.00am – 4.30pm both days
Day 1: Module C2 (core module on Being a Simulator Educator)
Day 2: Modules S5 & S6  (elective modules on integrating simulated patients to run hybrid scenarios)

Thursday 17th and Friday 18th October
9.00am – 4.30pm both days
Day 1: Module C2 (core module on Being a Simulator Educator)
Day 2: Modules S2 & S4 (elective modules on the fundamentals of simulators/mannequins, designing and delivering scenarios, debriefing, use of moulage and video recording)
Lunch & refreshments will be provided. Details of the modules are here »


STEP 1: Registering with NHET-Sim

  1. Register with NHET-Sim »
  2. You will receive an email with your username and password for the e-learning website

STEP 2: Booking on to the course:

  1. Click on this link  http://www.trybooking.com/54840
  2. Enter ‘NHET-Sim’ for the booking code and click ‘Continue Booking’
  3. Select the date i.e. Thurs 26th September, and put 1 as a Quantity
  4. Then click on Continue Shopping This Event at the bottom of the page
  5. This will take you back to the start, where you enter the code again (‘NHET-Sim’) and repeat the process for the second day i.e. Friday 27th September for both modules -  9am and 1pm starts
  6. Once you have done this click Continue Booking and it will take you to the Checkout page. Click the Checkout button and you’ll receive a confirmation  email.

Any questions please get in touch with NHET-Sim directly (03) 9905 0221 / nhetsim@monash.edu